Monday, September 17, 2012

Ultimate Phobia Quest- Earth GC2W3ZT

We received a heads up from our good friend, obh, that there was going to be an attempt on this cache. Since it is so close to home, and a puzzle challenge, we certainly wanted to be a part of this group. Our extremely smart leader, Smarky, had solved the puzzle on where to park, so we met the group there. Also along for the adventure, is an extreme cacher from Mississippi that we had the privilege to meet for the first time, cotontop3.
We park and start setting up for the trek in to the entrance of the cache itself while we wait on obh to arrive. OCP is gearing up along with everyone else and I will stay back and be the “official” photographer. I am loaded down with camera and equipment along with several sets of keys, cell phones and backpacks. Smarky and cotontop3 had already checked out the entrance and determined it was “doable!”

Obh comes in and gets ready and as soon as he is, we take off. We come to the beginning and smarky and cotontop jump right in and take off, quickly followed by obh. OCP is waiting the necessary distance to join the others. He attempts to follow, but his “claustrophobia” has kicked in and he disengages. Oh no! We have to sign that log, or when would we get another opportunity?!  I quickly make the decision to go in! I unload as fast as I can and jump into a rain suit. Being the novice that I am, I didn’t realize that was useless! OCP keeps telling the group that I am coming and to wait on me. I plunge in and belly crawl as fast as I can to catch up to the group. I hear obh telling me I’m almost there. Finally, I reach him and stop to catch my breath! The others are patiently waiting for me and as I sit there, they point out a little night creature just above my head. I pose for a picture with him! We continue on and with cotontop in the lead, he quickly spots the cache. Wahoo! Smarky signs for all of us and we set up the camera for pictures! I had such a great time and obviously, I don’t have the 2 phobias listed on the cache page! LCP


  1. OK, I would not be able to do it, but....where was Clay Pigeon 2. I did not see him in the picture!

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